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ACO’s Technical Services department offers obligation free advice to ensure the correct product is chosen.

Extensive research and development, both independently and in conjunction with leading academic institutions and research bodies, is the cornerstone of ACO’s success.

Choosing The Right System

When selecting a stainless steel drainage system, the following issues must be considered…

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Chemical Resistance

Material properties table for stainless steel corrosion resistance.

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Load Class

ACO believes that EN 1433: Drainage Channels for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas, also provides a good measure of performance. The load classes of both codes are shown here


ACO offers different sized trough systems and a broad selection of grates to meet most hydraulic requirements.

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Legislative Requirements

ACO offers a range of heel safe grates that have openings of less or equal to 7mm.

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Have a question about our products?

Check out our FAQs here, or contact us.

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ACO has in-house production facilities and considerable expertise in the working and fabrication of stainless steels for both proprietary product ranges and bespoke items.

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Submit your technical requirements.

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To help professionals stay abreast of the issues that are associated with the specification of products, ACO offers free education presentations.

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