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sustainable stainless steel drainage

How sustainable are stainless steel drains?

Stainless steel is the natural choice for commercial and industrial food preparation facilities thanks to the smooth surface that can…

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invisible ingredients for healthy kitchen

The invisible ingredients for a healthy kitchen

As someone who works in, or designs, commercial kitchens, you know how heat, fluids and fats in your kitchen can…

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reducing slips trips and falls

Reducing slips, trips and falls

Any application must be designed to avoid slips and trips, but commercial and industrial food and beverage production is particularly…

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avoid stainless steel corrosion

ACO provides you with the details on how to avoid the risks of corrosion with your stainless steel

With the first recognition of iron-chromium alloys back in 1821 by French metallurgist Pierre Berthier, then to the establishment of…

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