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draining swimming pools

Draining swimming pools

Swimming pools may appear to be quite passive to the casual user but there are numerous factors that can make…

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size your floor drains

Free service to size your floor drains

Surface water management in commercial buildings is key to ensuring a safe and incident free workplace as well as prolong…

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design a healthy kitchen

Everything you need to design a healthy kitchen

Wastewater that is rich in fats, oils and grease (FOG) can have a negative effect on any business if it's…

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australian made stainless steel channels

Celebrating our Australian Made stainless steel channels

As a proud Australian Manufacturer, this week we're celebrating Australian Made Week. At our head office in Emu Plains, Western…

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COVID’s impact on hygiene and kitchen design

Thanks to more frequent hand washing and other measures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, Australia has seen a…

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stainless steel for food projects

Stainless steel suitability for food projects

Thanks to its ease of cleaning and corrosion resistance, stainless steel is used extensively throughout commercial kitchens and food and beverage…

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grate selection for commercial kitchens

Grate selection for commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens are tough environments with fast-paced work by a variety of different users. The usability of the whole kitchen…

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sustainable stainless steel drainage

How sustainable are stainless steel drains?

Stainless steel is the natural choice for commercial and industrial food preparation facilities thanks to the smooth surface that can…

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invisible ingredients for healthy kitchen

The invisible ingredients for a healthy kitchen

As someone who works in, or designs, commercial kitchens, you know how heat, fluids and fats in your kitchen can…

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reducing slips trips and falls

Reducing slips, trips and falls

Any application must be designed to avoid slips and trips, but commercial and industrial food and beverage production is particularly…

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avoid stainless steel corrosion

ACO provides you with the details on how to avoid the risks of corrosion with your stainless steel

With the first recognition of iron-chromium alloys back in 1821 by French metallurgist Pierre Berthier, then to the establishment of…

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