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Grate selection for commercial kitchens

Grate Selection For Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are tough environments with fast-paced work by a variety of different users. The usability of the whole kitchen is key, which is where commercial kitchen designers come in.

Every element of the kitchen is carefully considered from the layout, to the equipment and even to the flooring and drainage.

The range of grates in the market vary considerably. To ensure the grates don’t negatively impact the kitchen users, designers must consider:

  • The aperture of the grate slots: should they be heel friendly slots to suit waiters? What types of trolleys or mobile plate racks might travel over the grate? If the grate apertures are too large, trolleys could get stuck or plate racks go flying!
  • The hydraulic capacity of the grate, drain and blockage factors, like food scraps and strainer baskets
  • The level of slip resistance of the flooring and drainage components
  • What types of loads will travel over the drains: in commercial kitchens loads could range from pedestrians, trolleys and even fork lifts

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