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Commercial trench drains

Looking for off the shelf drains? ACO offers a cost effective alternative range of trench drains suitable for all external and some internal applications.

The ACO Drain range is an extensive range of products to meet most design, hydraulic, budget and load rating requirements.

Channels are made from corrosion resistant polymer concrete and to suit many applications, there is a wide range of AS 3996 compliant grates, slotted tops and linear permeable pavers which come in a variety of materials, finishes and load classes.

ACOs range includes:

Commercial Trench Drains
  • KlassikDrain (with removable grates)
  • PowerDrain (heavy duty)
  • Brickslot (with slotted tops)
  • EcoPanel (with permeable pavers)
  • SlabDrain (shallow depth)
  • Grated Pits (stormwater pits)
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