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SlotChannel is a general purpose stainless steel slot drainage system. The continuous slot allows for easy pressure cleaning and is ideal for cool room thresholds, storage depots, wineries and wash-down areas.

SlotChannel Features
1Stainless steel grate designed and tested to EN 12537Ties to key into concrete
2Removable debris strainer (optional)8Choice of three edge profiles
3Vertical outlet with or without fixed strainer (outlet size to project's requirements)9Elbow (and tee) section if required
4Stainless Steel Channel - up to 3 metres channel run segment (longer runs will be modular)101.5mm thick walled stainless steel channel
5Rollover end plate to accept edge profile option so consistency is maintained11Outlet unit able to be positioned anywhere along the run (depth to project's requirements)
6Bolted flange and gasket connection

Channel parts list

Typical details

SlotChannel is manufactured to suit individual project requirements. Contact ACO for more information


Grates parts list

Outlet units require grates for access. These are detailed below.

  Grate type Load Class
EN 1253
Surface type S/S grate Part No.
grate slotchannel mesh Mesh L15 Slip
304 408090
316 408190
Plain 304 408091
316 408191
Grate slotchannel arla Arla L15 Slip
304 408023
316 408123
grate slotchannel ladder Ladder R501 Slip
304 416912
316 416913
M125 304 408093
316 408193
grate slotchannel 5 star 5 Star R501 Slip
304 142009
grate slotchannel cast Cast M125 Slip
304 416942

1. Draft prEN 1253.
2. Recommended wheel loads shown are for pneumatic tyres only. Solid tyres may intensify the load.

Part No. Description
90903 Solid edge strip - 1000mm length
49066 Vinyl seal - 1000mm length

System channels can be supplied with various edge options to suit the application and flooring surrounds. Folded edge is an unobtrusive channel edge, ideal for applications where a discreet finish is required. Solid edge is a unique rubber infill to fill the void in a standard edge channel, to avoid voids in the concrete pour. Vinyl seal is a unique edge option for System 100, System 200 and System 300 channels to be bonded to a vinyl sheet flooring surround.

Need advice in specifying SlotChannel?

slotchanneldesign requestACO offers project specific services designed to make specification, ordering and installation easy.

The services deal with each project’s unique, hydraulic, structural, maintenance and spacial requirements. The service is fully documented and is offered free of charge and obligation.

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