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Choosing the Right System

Choosing The Right System

When selecting a stainless steel drainage system, the following issues must be considered:

1. Liquid Characteristics
[Grade 304 or 316]
Ensure the correct grade of stainless steel is chosen for adequate chemical and temperature protection.
Refer to Chemical Resistance Chart
2. Load Class/Security
[Class A, B, C & D]
Ensure the correct edge profile, grate and installation is selected to suit the load requirements of the project. ACO recommends that grates are secured for heavy duty applications
Refer to the Load Classifications | locking device options | and typical installation drawings
3. Volume
[Size of drain]
Ensure the widths, invert depths, grate types and any falls within the trough meet the hydraulic and installation requirements of the project
Refer to Hydraulics
4. Aesthetics & Safety
[Style of Grate]
Ensure the correct grate and edge profile meet the aesthetic and safety requirements of the project
Refer to Safety and Versatility
5. Outlet TypeEnsure the correct size and location of outlet is selected to meet the underground pipework requirements


ACO Technical Services will give specifiers and installers advice on choosing the correct drainage system for the application.

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