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The volume of liquid a channel system needs to collect and remove in a given time period determines its size. Slab restrictions may limit the depth of the channel leaving its width as the usual variable for correct sizing.

Typical factors that affect the size of a channel:

  • number of, and discharge rate (generally measured in litres per second) of wash down hoses in a room
  • volume of spill containment
  • hydraulic capacity of waste pipe beneath the floor connecting to the channel (for liquid evacuation)
  • quantity, size(s) and location (along its length) of trough outlet(s)
  • desired trough invert fall along the length of the system
  • speed of liquid across the floor during service and/or wash down operations. In this instance the selection of the grate must also be considered
  • for external areas: rainfall intensity,size of catchment, ground falls etc

ACO offers different sized channels and a broad selection of grates to meet most hydraulic requirements and offers technical support to customers to help ensure correct system specification.

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