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3 Hooks Seafood, Marrickville, NSW

3 Hooks Seafood is a wholesale seafood business located close to Sydney’s centralbusiness district. The company supplies a mix of fresh and processed seafood to innercity restaurants and supermarkets. The 3 Hooks Seafood facility recently extended theircleaning and preparation area to cater for increased production volumes.

Project Design Brief

The new facility uses strong chemicals and very hot water to clean and wash downthe food preparation areas, requiring a corrosion resistant drainage system capableof withstanding heavy and constant wheel loads from forklifts.

ACO's Solution

  • System 200 stainless steel channels with stainless steel Ladder grates


  • The stainless steel channel has a 1:100 built-in fall enabling efficient drainage to outlets
  • Stainless steel channels with solid edge profile and stainless steel Ladder grates are durable and strong to withstand small forklift traffic
  • Grade 316 stainless steel was selected to ensure a high level of corrosion resistance during wash down processes
3 Hooks Seafood, Marrickville, NSW
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