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Caulfield Grammar Aquatic Centre, St Kilda East, VIC

Established in 1881, Caulfield Grammar is an independent Anglican educational facility. The school comprises five campuses with 3,300 students, 700 full-time and part-time employees and over 400 sports coaches. Recently the school built a modern swimming complex featuring a 50-metre indoor Olympic size swimming pool displaying innovative advances in aquatic sports technology.

Project Design Brief

Designers were focused on the aesthetics of the facility and wanted a discreet drainage system that was visually integrated with the pavement design. Public safety was an equal priority so the drain inlet opening could not be larger than 10mm. A durable drainage material was also required as indoor wet areas are regularly cleaned with strong chemicals.

ACO's Solution

  • SlotChannel with 10mm slot and safety edge


  • The discreet and slim 10mm slot is suitable for pool users and spectators
  • SlotChannel is manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • The outlet units were manufactured with the Tile Insert grate to visually preserve the discreet finish of the drainage system
Caulfield Grammar Aquatic Centre
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