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Hawker Hall Restaurant, Chapel Street, Melbourne, VIC

Housed in a historic turn of the century horse stable, Hawker Hall was inspired by the cheap street food stalls found in large open spaces in Southeast Asia. The big, noisy mess-hall-style venue has a broad menu consisting of curries, noodles, rice, dumplings and barbecued food.

Project Design Brief

The kitchen design required a continuous, uninterrupted, safe floor area between the benches and the cooking equipment.

The drainage system needed to efficiently remove all the liquid from the floor area and enable easy access for maintenance. Removable strainer baskets were required to easily remove solids from the drain on a daily basis, preventing food waste from blocking the drainage system. The drain also needed to be discreet and harmonise with the tiled floor design

ACO's Solution

  • SlotChannel


  • SlotChannel can be incorporated into the floor design ensuring a continuous floor space between the cooking surfaces
  • The 20mm slot allows small food waste to be washed into the strainer baskets located in the vertical outlets of the drain, while ensuring larger food scraps do not enter the drainage system
  • Easy to remove strainer baskets allow for efficient daily maintenance, eliminating hazards for kitchen staff
Hawker Hall Restaurant
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