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Mentone Girls Grammar, Melbourne, Victoria

Mentone Girls Grammar is an independent day school in Mentone, catering for students in kindergarten up to Year 12. Recently the school redeveloped a third of its campus into a Wellbeing Precinct, with state of the art swimming and sporting facilities.

Project Design Brief

For the indoor aquatic centre, designers were focused on the aesthetics of the facility and wanted a discreet drainage system that wouldn’t detract from the tile design. Pedestrian safety was also a top priority and the drainage system needed to have openings no larger than 10mm. With many chemicals and cleaning agents used in pool environments, a corrosion resistant material for the drainage system was required.

ACO's Solution

  • SlotChannel with 10mm slot and safety edge


  • The discreet and slim 10mm slot is suitable for pool users and spectators
  • SlotChannel manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • The outlet units were manufactured with the Tile Insert grate to continue the discreet finish of the drainage system

Other ACO products used:

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