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Aviagen Chicken Hatchery, Goulburn, NSW

Aviagen® is a world leader in poultry genetics and opened a new state-of-the-art hatchery in the regional town of Goulburn, 195km southwest of Sydney in April 2016. The hatchery is part of the company’s $35 million investment to upgrade facilities and has the capacity to hatch 6.5 million chicks per year. The facility incorporates the latest advances in hatchery design and technology including improved biosecurity and chick quality.

Project Design Brief

The hatchery has special floor surfaces installed that allows for thorough washing and sanitation to improve hygiene and chick quality. Aggressive chemicals and extremely hot water is used to wash-down the equipment and processing areas. A durable corrosion resistant drainage system was required that also prevented solid waste from entering the underground pipe network.

ACO's Solution

  • System 100 stainless steel channels with 316 grade stainless steel Ladder grates


  • The stainless steel channel has a 1:100 built-in fall enabling efficient drainage to outlets
  • ACO Gully with removable strainer baskets and fixed secondary strainers collect waste material, preventing solids from entering the underground pipes
  • 316-grade stainless steel channels cope with hot water and corrosive chemicals that are regularly used to wash down the facility and equipment
Aviagen Chicken Hatchery
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