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Arnott’s Biscuits Factory Huntingwood, NSW

Arnott’s Biscuits has been operating from its production facility at Huntingwood since 1997. The factory operates five production lines producing 75 biscuit varieties, which are distributed throughout Australia and more than 40 countries. During a recent upgrade to one of the production lines, it became apparent that the existing drainage system needed to increase its drainage capacity.

Project Design Brief

To provide a channel and grate drainage system to cater for the additional run-off from the wash-down process. The drainage system also needed to be strong and robust enough to withstand the weight of forklift traffic.

ACO's Solution

  • System 200 stainless steel channels with an inbuilt 1% slope
  • Stainless Ladder Slip Resistant grates


  • The stainless steel channel system has sufficient hydraulic capacity to ensure that the nearby staff amenities would be clear of any water hazards
  • The 1% fall allows wash down water in the channel to be continuously moving towards the outlet without stagnating
  • The heavy duty ladder grates are designed to Class D210kN, AS 3996 and will withstand the dynamic impact of forklift traffic
Arnott’s Biscuits Factory Huntingwood, NSW
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