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Woolworths – Annerley, QLD

Woolworths recently demolished an existing 40 year old supermarket at Annerley, a suburb of Brisbane and replaced it with a new state of the art facility to meet the latest building standards and regulations.

Project Design Brief

Woolworths has its own specifications requiring designers to adapt them to specific projects.

ACO's Solution

System 100 channels and Wedgewire Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates


  • ACO’s System 100 was chosen for its versatility as the channels can be made to suit various lengths and the outlets can be positioned according to customer requirements.
  • The stainless steel channel has a 1:100 built-in fall, enabling efficient drainage to outlets. Fixed strainers and removable strainer baskets with retention chains ensure the removable baskets are not lost.
  • ACO’s Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates provide staff with a safe walking surface over the drainage elements during hose down operations.
Woolworths – Annerley, QLD
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