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Water Labyrinth Forrest Place, WA

Perth’s re-developed Forrest Place contains a unique interactive water sculpture called ‘Water Labyrinth’. Designed by renowned Danish artist Jeppe Hein, the installation uses recycled stormwater cleaned by sand filters and chlorinated to swimming pool standards.

The water feature has become the focal point of the square, however the splash of the fountain created problems for pedestrians.

Project Design Brief

Designers needed to integrate a second barrier to prevent water reaching pedestrians who became too close to the water feature.

To fit into the topping slab and to integrate with the pavements construction joints, the additional drainage run needed to be less than 80mm in depth.

ACO's Solution

  • System 100 with Stainless Wedgewire Heelsafe® Antislip grates
  • Numerous other ACO Drain systems, ACO Cablemate cable pits & ACO Access cover & frame systems


  • ACO’s grade 316 stainless steel channel and grate systems provide excellent durability and corrosion resistance in this potentially aggressive environment.
  • Designers also specified the Vinyl Edge seal for water tight joint between the channel’s edge and vinyl floor preventing any cavities for bacteria to develop.
Water Labyrinth Forrest Place, WA
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