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Forensic Pathology & Coroners Court, Sydney, NSW

The NSW Department of Health and the Department of Justice have jointly invested $91M in a world-class Forensic Medicine & Coroners Court Complex in the Sydney suburb of Lidcombe. It is the largest facility of its kind and will house advanced technologies, increased capacity and new methods to solve complex coronial investigations.

Project Design Brief

Designers had to ensure that wet areas remained both durable in the working environment and hygienic. In particular, employees are in close proximity to drains where cleaning agents and extremely hot water is regularly used when contaminated areas are cleaned. The drainage system had to be effective as well as able to withstand the heavy and constant wheel loads from trolley jacks.

ACO's Solution

  • System 100 with Ladder Anti-Slip grates


  • Grade 316 stainless steel was selected to ensure a high level of corrosion resistance during wash down processes
  • The stainless steel channel has a 1:100 built-in fall enabling efficient drainage to outlets to prevent standing water as a contamination risk
  • Stainless steel channels with solid edge profile and stainless steel Ladder grates are durable and strong to withstand small trolley jacks
Forensic Pathology & Coroners Court, Sydney, NSW
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